Our Dealers Were Trying To Make The Recall Process As Smooth And Easy For Customers As Possible, But We Understand That Might Not Be The Case The Whole Time And We Apologise For The Additional Inconvenience, She Said. We're Telling Them To Get On The Quickest Flight Asap, Said Rula Aoun, Director Of The Arab American Civil Rights League In Dearborn, Michigan.

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The firm apologised and said it was working to compensate owners. More than 234,000 Vauxhall Zafira B cars were recalled for a second time last year over a technical problem that had caused some models to burst into flames. Vauxhall have said the blazes were caused by improper repairs to the heating and ventilation system. Evira Toelkes, vice-president of quality at GM Europe, told MPs the firm had written 1.2 million letters to owners seeking a recall and managed to fix 165,000 cars. She also said that extra technicians had been deployed to speed up the repairs. Multiple complaints However, SNP politician Stewart Malcolm McDonald said customers had made numerous complaints about the firm's handling of the process, with some forming a group low airfare to lobby Parliament. "Some customers were made to feel like a nuisance or were met with disgust at dealerships," he said. "Vehicles were often returned to them with further problems with the heating and ventilation system." He added: "I can't think of another product in the United Kingdom at the moment where people have set up a campaign group and come to Parliament to try and resolve it." Helen Foord, head of government relations at GM, said the firm's dealers had since been issued with guidance on how to handle the complaints better. "Our dealers were trying to make the recall process as smooth and easy for customers as possible, but we understand that might not be the case the whole time and we apologise for the additional inconvenience," she said.

"We're telling them to get on the quickest flight ASAP," said Rula Aoun, director of the Arab American Civil Rights League in Dearborn, Michigan. Her group sued in federal court in Detroit, challenging Trump's executive order as unconstitutional. Protesters sought to keep up the pressure, gathering in Denver and other U.S. cities to demonstrate against the ban. Meanwhile, legal advocates waited at airports in case anything went wrong with new arrivals. Judge James Robart wore a bow tie to the hearing, opened with a joke and finished with a thunderclap. He was known for that sort of thing. "The amicus law professors," Robart said Friday, noting the many groups that waited in his Seattle courtroom to argue for or against a motion to halt President ... (Avi Selk) Renee Paradis was among 20 to 25 volunteer lawyers and interpreters who stationed themselves inside John F. Kennedy's Terminal 4 in New York in case anyone needed help. They were carrying handmade signs in Arabic and Farsi "that say we're lawyers, we're here to help.

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