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School requires photo of girls' dress before being OK'd for homecoming ticket

>> OBVIOUSLY, YOU DON'T WANTrtPEOPLE LOOKING INAPPROPRIATE ONSCHOOL GROUNDS.IT'S A REFLECTION ON THE SCHOOL.OUR CULTURE THAT'S HERE.AND WHAT WE ALLOW.>> IT MAKES SENSE AS TrtO WHY YOUWOULDN'T WANT STUDENTS COMING TODANCES IN THINGS THAT COULD BELATE, TOO PRODUCTIVE --PROVOCATIVE.REPORTER:rt THE POLICY WAS FIRSTINSTITUTED EARLY IN 2015.AND PARENTS WERE NOTIFIED AGAINTHIS SCHOOL YEAR, "WE AREREQUIRING ALL DRESS-WEARINGSTUDENTS OR NON-PHS GUESTS TOPROVIDE A PICTURE OF THEMSELVES,rtIN THEIR HOMECOMING ATTIRE,PRIOR TO PURCHASING A TICKET TOTHE DANCE."rt>> PEWAUKEE SCHOOLSUPERINTENDENT DID NOT WANT TOTALK I'M CAMERA, BUT HE TOLD METHE GOAL OF THE POLICY IS TOAVOID HAVING TO TURN AWAY ASTUDENT -- A STUDENT THE NIGHTOF THE DANCE.rtTHE POLICY COVERS THE LENGTH ANDNECKLINE OF DRESSES.SENIOR MICHAEL MIOSI AGREES WITHIT.BUT SAYS THERE'S BEEN SOMECONFUSION. >> I'VE ALSO SEEN PrtEOPLE GETTURNED AWAY AT THE DOOR FORDRESSES THEY THOUGHT WEREAPPROVED.REPORTER: HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIALSSAY SO FAR, THE POLICY HASN'TCREATED A CONTROVERSY.IN PEWAUKEE, TERRY SATER, WISN School requires photo of girls' dress before being OK'd for homecoming ticket Pewaukee students must submit a picture of themselves in their dress before they are allowed into school dances Homecoming season is here and at Pewaukee High School students must get their dresses approved -- by picture -- before they can go to the dance. Students planning to wear a dress must submit a picture of themselves in the dress to a female counselor before they can buy tickets to any school dance. School officials say the proactive measure helps to enforce dress code expectations and avoid situations where students might be sent home from the dance because of their outfits. The student handbook states that skirts must be an appropriate length, necklines can't be too revealing and midriffs can't be shown. The policy was put in place in January of 2015 for all school dances. In an effort to ensure our students have a positive experience at school dances a procedure was put in place starting in January of 2015, requiring administrative approval of dresses prior to the purchase of tickets for dances. The process involves all dress wearing students to submit a photo of them wearing their planned attire to a female counselor prior to purchasing tickets. This proactive measure has been put in place to enforce existing dress code expectations and avoid a situation in which a student attends a dance and must be sent home due to non-compliance with the dress code. Under this procedure our students may attend school events confident they are in compliance with the rules. This procedure has been positively received by the vast majority of parents and students.

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Labour front bench A former deputy leader of the party, when he was MP for Glasgow Central, Mr Sarwar was interim leader between the tenures of Johann Lamont and Jim Murphy in 2014. He lost his Westminster seat in 2015, but was returned as an MSP for the Glasgow region the following year. An experienced politician within the party, he has immediately taken up a prominent role in the group at Holyrood, acting as health spokesman. Mr Sarwar could be pitched as something of a unity candidate, who could potentially seek support from both sides of the party's somewhat divided base in Scotland - the only part of the UK where Owen Smith beat Jeremy Corbyn in the 2016 leadership contest, at least in the popular vote of the membership. He introduced Mr Corbyn at a recent rally in Glasgow, and could be positioning himself as a favourable choice for both moderates and the left. Richard Leonard is a newcomer to parliamentary politics, having been elected to Holyrood on the Central Scotland list in 2016 - but he has been a voice on the left of the Scottish party for some time. He has a strong trade union background with the GMB and the TUC, and could find himself the main pro-Corbyn candidate after Neil Findlay and Alex Rowley bowed out of the race before it even began. He is an economy spokesman for the party at Holyrood, and was a key figure in drawing up the party's industrial strategy for Scotland. Despite his lack of parliamentary experience Mr Leonard has a host of campaigning and party work behind him: he served on the Scottish Living Wage steering committee and is secretary of the Keir Hardie Society.

 (iStock) A British family is planning to sue their six-year-old son’s school after boys were allowed to come to class in dresses. Husband and wife Nigel and Sally Rowe, removed their son from the elementary school after a male classmate arrived in a dress. PRINCE GEORGE'S STYLISH TEACHER WINS OVER THE INTERNET “A child aged six would sometimes come to school as a girl or sometimes comes to school as a boy,” Mr. Rowe reportedly told The Sunday Times. “Our concerns were raised when our son came back home from school saying he was confused as to why and how a boy was now a girl,” he continued. “We believe it is wrong to encourage very young children to embrace transgenderism, boys are boys and girls are girls.” The couple is mounting legal action เสื้อครอบครัวราคาส่ง against the school, arguing that it is not respectful of their Christian values to teach gender ambiguity to their young son. The Telegraph reported that Mr. and Mrs. Rowe plan to educate their six-year-old at home along with his eight-year-old brother who was pulled from the same school last year when a boy in his class started wearing dresses.

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